Monday, September 27, 2010

John Powers: Catholics, Chicago, and the Southside

In this interview, the popular author talks about growing up on the south side of Chicago. The reacting comments are interesting. "Holy Cannoli" writes:

I too am from the Southside of Chicago (what he really means is the Southwest side of Chicago) so I thought this video would be interesting and that I could relate. Well, it's not and I can't. His book (with an intro by the loony Obama supporter, Fr. Andrew Greeley) may be entertaining but I don't know and, after seeing this interview, I am extremely unlikely to find out.

Also this excerpt from an interviewer at, who did read Powers' "The Last Catholic In America":

Powers does not care much for the faith in which he was raised, and it shows in his writing. OK, he likes the Catholic faith in a nostalgic sense perhaps, but he obviously no longer believes in the doctrines he was raised in. His exploration of faith is limited to episodes which he sees as examples of the deficiencies of Catholicism.

You decide.

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