Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Sorry, Charlie!

When you hear a guy running for political office, who says he'll take "the best ideas of both sides", it sounds great. The only problem is, it's often a cover for lacking any real conviction, which is what can happen when you don't choose a side. If you're going to promote ideas, they are going to have to be specific, and the person promoting them has to take a stand. Charlie Crist of Florida has little in the way of conviction, so it's hard to imagine him promoting any specific ideas, let alone good ones. He wants to get elected, and he knows that to do that, he has to convince you he's different, unique. Beyond the novel approach to this ad, there is little with which to make that case. Ralph Nader was neither Republican nor Democrat, but at least you knew where he stood. Such as it was.

Then again, playing with toy letters is rather clever, and should provide for a good laugh. Then we can all move on to someone we can take seriously.

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Fr. VF said...

What a vapid, stupid, sleazy commercial. An appeal to empty-headed morons--the ones who "just want the people in Washington to come together and do what's right for the country."

As though the people in Washington who have been cheering for the killing of 45 million babies, and counting, could conceivably have it in them to do the right thing for anybody.