Monday, September 13, 2010

Cautionary Tales: Defying Conventional Wisdom

We're back to having another shot at our (ostensibly) regular midday Monday feature, if later in the day than planned, given more urgent developments.

Over at the research desk of mwbh, we have a few Jerseyites who can't stop getting excited over every move made by their Governor, Chris Christie. This video documentary, entitled “A New Jersey: Remember November Part I”, is produced by the Republican Governors Association. But it is not really about Republicans, or even about conservatives so much. It is about, as the aforementioned title says, "defying conventional wisdom." To wit, here is a case where the incumbent with the bigger war chest did NOT win the election, a rarity in American politics. To find out why, is to find out how to overcome those odds, and put the people back in charge of finding their own voice.

This piece is twenty-three minutes long. Watch for the "Hotel California" quip at 13:10.

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