Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Return of “Fender Splendor”

Paul Alexander -- for you new readers, that would be my son -- retired from air guitar competition, after taking the Philadelphia title in 2009, and placing sixth in the nation. Now he returns as judge for tonight's regional finals in Washington, DC. He appeared with fellow-champion "The Shred" (aka "Shreddy Mercury") last Thursday on the local Fox affiliate. As Paul likes to tell it ...

We did it. We have infiltrated Fox News. Thanks @fender_splendor ‪#usairguitar‬

... or you can see for yourself. We couldn't get the video to embed properly -- don't let that make-believe button fool you -- but you can still see his stunning rapport with the Fox 5 Morning News people. Click here or here.

Rock on.

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