Sunday, August 26, 2012

2016: A Cautionary Tale

Dinesh D’Souza was a policy advisor to President Ronald Reagan, and is currently the president of The King's College, as well as the author of numerous books that have made the New York Times best-seller list. 2016: Obama’s America is a documentary about the origins of Barack Obama's worldview, and is presented in true Thomistic fashion. D'Souza begins with a sympathetic view, and then proceeds to dissect the seamy underbelly of ideology. Obama's father was from Kenya, and D'Souza himself was born in India. Both countries were British crown colonies, and both men's families were vehemently anti-colonial. But the resemblance, and the reasons thereof, end there, as D'Souza lifts the veil that the mainstream press has kept under wraps until now.

Those who are prepared to vote for "the other guy," and those disillusioned with Obama, will find new food for thought. Those still committed to Obama's vision will dismiss this movie out of hand. This leaves the independents, one of those voting segments that was won over by Obama in 2008, but who could go either way at this point.

The movie has a limited run. It was shown in several DC-area theaters this weekend, and Sal and I went to see it tonight. While it has been very well attended for a film of such limited distribution, it is recommended to see it sooner rather than later, preferably with someone "on the fence" in tow.

The point D'Souza is making is this: Love him, hate him, you don’t know him.

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