Sunday, August 19, 2012

Natural Law and Unnatural Acts:
The Only Guide You Will Ever Need

This chart came from Father Erik Richtsteig of Ogden, Utah. It is employed here, not only because of the issue of same-sex marriage on the front burner, but it demonstrates how an argument works, or more precisely, the importance of the sound premise to making the effective argument.

The yellow boxes contain the original contention of the promoter, the blue boxes contain the subsequent arguments of the promoter, while the red are those of the challenger. The viewer will note that throughout the process, the focus is not upon the person themselves, but upon the actions. It is the act, not the person, that is at issue here. The image can be clicked on to be read in full.

And if you still believe such practices do not have consequences for others later in life, click here.

(And, if you want to know what yours truly did for his summer vacation, click here. The high point is Day 4.)

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this is a great chart. thanks for sharing. feel free to visit my blog "Orthodoxy".