Monday, December 13, 2010

Another (Fair and Balanced) Sarah Palin Moment

If you think the press has learned anything about presenting a news story without slanting it in the usual knee-jerk fashion, think again.

Recently, former Alaska Governor and vice-presidential contender Sarah Palin visited Haiti, a country ravaged by an earthquake in January, and now in the middle of a cholera epidemic. She was a guest of the Rev Franklin Graham (son of Billy), whose organization is working to provide relief. But, according to these photos from the Associated Press, Palin's main concern was looking her best for the camera, so she brought along her own hair stylist.

Or did she?

Look at this other photo from the same trip; you know, the one that didn't show up in the DailyMail article. Notice that young lady to the right wearing the same leopard-spotted scarf as the "hair stylist." That's the Governor's daughter, Bristol Palin. So it wasn't a personal stylist at all, just a daughter helping her mother keep her hair out of her face. So much for causing panic in the streets.

Personally, I think a major cholera outbreak in a country still recovering from a natural disaster after almost a year is pretty big news.

But hey, that's just me.

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