Wednesday, December 08, 2010

O Holy Cow!

Can we please give Susan Boyle a break?

In a recent appearance on The View, she choked in the middle of singing "O Holy Night," then asked if she could do it over, while the live cameras were still running.

I'll give some credit to the View Gals (and that is very rare), they stepped in and kept it classy. When this little British church lady starts going on drunken binges and trashes hotel rooms, I'll give her some grief. But as long as she stays true to herself, she's okay in my book. A few months with an operatic vocal coach would do absolute wonders for this Boyle. She's definitely got the pipes to humble the likes of Simon Crowell. All she needs now is the edge to keep that voice going in the long haul.

And maybe a return to a normal life once in a while. Until then, you go girl!

(H/T to our pals at Multiple sources. The real story.)

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