Friday, December 03, 2010

How to Handle a Woman

Another classic from the pen of Joe Sobran:

How do you get to first base with the ladies? ... Good news, guys! The encouraging answer is a resounding yes. The secrets of success with women are laid out clearly in an old play called RICHARD III ... in [one] scene, Richard interrupts the funeral procession of King Henry VI to woo the mourning Lady Anne ...

In a scene from the film version, Sir Lawrence Olivier, as Richard, attempts to curry the favor of Claire Bloom, in the role of Lady Anne, over -- making it harder than in the original Shakespeare -- her husband's dead body. For those who prefer a lighter approach, Bryn Terfel sings "How to Handle a Woman" from Lerner & Lowe's "Camelot."

(H/T to Fran Griffin.)

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