Thursday, December 02, 2010

Guitar Workshop: Percussive Guitar
(Conclusion: “Interlude”)

Thanksgiving's over, kids. It's back to work!

This week, we conclude our series on percussive guitar technique with Dale Campbell, culminating in a look at his original composition “Interlude” which incorporates many of the skills acquired in Lessons 4 and 5. You will probably want to refer to them periodically, so we include links to them here.

Should this style become a regular part of your repertoire, you may want to refer to earlier lessons -- go to the upper-left of this blog and enter "percussive guitar" in the search field -- to learn what sort of precautions to take for optimizing your instrument. It could take quite a beating over an extended period of time, unless you're like some guys who don't mind the "battle scars" on their axe.

We here at mwbh hope you enjoyed this series of Guitar Workshop, our longest running to date. Next week, it'll be something completely different. Really.

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