Saturday, December 11, 2010

Guess Who’s Coming To America?

Regular viewers of mwbh (and you both know who you are) probably would have noticed that most of our stuff in the last two days ran a bit late. They were not fooled by the time/date stamp like the rest of you; oh no, not these guys. But there's a perfectly good explanation.

Suzy is the youngest of Sal's three daughters. For the first time, her job as a flight attendant brought her to the States. Of course, Filipinos tend to be very clannish, and this Clan was no exception. They were really good sports to let me take these two gals out to dinner upon Suzy's arrival, without following us around. (Thanks, guys.) Then we went to Sal's brother's house, where five of Suzy's girl-cousins showed up, all dressed to kill, and took her out bar-hopping. The next day, Mother and Daughter realized they didn't have time to see the sights in Washington, so they consoled themselves by going shopping.

Me? I got to drive them everywhere.

Personally, I think we got on quite well. I've already offered to adopt her. Mom's gonna be thrilled: “She’ll be the grand-daughter you never had.”

Suzy's gonna try to come back later in the month, just in time for my birthday. Stay tuned ...


the Egyptian said...

Lucky you. I believe you really need another child David, you would be quite busy chasing off suitors I'm afraid =)

mrsdarwin said...

Sounds like fun! Happy impending birthday!