Friday, December 17, 2010

FAMW: “Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!”

“In the early years of the 16th century, to combat the rising tide of religious unorthodoxy, the Pope gave Cardinal Ximinez of Spain leave to move without let or hinderance throughout the land, in a reign of violence, terror and torture that makes a smashing film. This was the Spanish Inquisition ...”

Uh, actually, that's not an entirely accurate account.

We couldn't let the year go by without the complete rendition of this Monty Python classic. Despite the completely inaccurate view of history at the expense of the Church, this particular routine is a favorite with many traditionalist Catholics. You'd have to be one of them to understand why. Perhaps it's that line about "an almost fanatical devotion to the Pope." Or maybe it's a chance for serious people to poke fun at themselves. Either way, it's how one might spread the joy of the season, for this week's Friday Afternoon Moment of Whimsy.

Now, where's the comfy chair?

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