Thursday, October 27, 2011

Guitar Workshop: Celtic Grooves
for Intermediate Players

It was as good a time as any today, to get back to our heretofore-regular Thursday midday feature, the Guitar Workshop.

Maybe you're finished with "beginner" status and are ready for the next level. Maybe you're an acoustic player who hasn't picked up the axe in a dog's age, and you need something to do after you've gone over a few (dozen) scales. In this clip sent to me by noted online guitar instructor Claude Johnson, we feature a segment of the "Acoustic Enlightenment" blog with Jimmy Dillon. He demonstrates an original piece in "dropped D" tuning. Basically, the sixth (low E) string is dropped from E to D, to enable a quasi-modal tune in D, without the hassle of DADGAD (total modal) tuning. Recommended for open mic night, when you've got fifteen minutes and don't want to spend five of them retuning.

I've seen this happen. It's not pretty.

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