Thursday, October 06, 2011

Paul #youngadultnomore

My son is twenty-six today.

Recently he lamented (on Twitter, making it fair game for his Big Daddio) that he was starting to be too old for the subject matter of the hip-hop genre. Surely he saw this day coming, the day when the boy becomes a man, and that the upside had a downside on the other side. Ten years ago we were estranged, as he ventured into drugs and alcohol and whatnot. Now he's nine years sober and on an academic scholarship, at one of the most prestigious design schools in the country. Not too shabby. One of his friends even called him “future indie game icon and forever family.”

So, happy birthday to a young man whose best friend in childhood was a game character who grew up alongside him, a young man with many names -- Tad, Alex, Chubby, Memento Mori, Fender Splendor. And he's just getting started.

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