Tuesday, July 03, 2012

“Sittin’ by the dock of the (other) bay ...”

My son Paul (shown here during one of his Otis Redding moments) arrived safely in Seattle to begin his two-month internship. Becoming quite the savvy traveler, more so than his old man at the same age, he finds ways to amuse himself during layovers.

Boston Airport. Only 8 zillion more miles to Seattle!
Mon 02 Jul 18:26

Fun thing to do in Boston airport: ask people to say "Balsamic" and "malt vinegar" over and over.
Mon 02 Jul 19:41

Thank you JetBlue for providing me with the 6 solid hours of Guy Fieri programming I obviously needed to get me through this flight.
Tue 03 Jul 03:02

So tell me again, how many thousands of miles did you roam, just to make this other dock your home?

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