Monday, May 17, 2010

Best Political Ad Ever ... or is it???

You've seen this ad elsewhere. What you haven't seen is what's between the lines.

The guy sure sounds convincing. He's gonna kick ass, name names, and take no prisoners. He's the voice of the people. He wears a cowboy hat and drives a pickup truck. He hangs around with horses. What more do you want?

ANSWER: What you want is a constituency that will forgo its inclination towards hero-worship, and maintain its vigilance. Anyone can be bought if the price is right, especially when there's pressure to get anything done, and you can't do it alone. Washington is full of guys who start out this way. Yours truly has met several of them. Getting the right man for the job is easy; keeping him that way is hard.

If people in Alabama elect this guy as their Agriculture Commissioner, their responsibility cannot stop on election day. In fact, their work is just getting started.

Now, if Dale Peterson actually rode his horse into the sunset, the ad would have been perfect.

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Rick said...

I agree that electing Republicans is not the end. We'll have to continue to get involved to help pull the country out of this Socialistic hole.