Friday, May 28, 2010

FAMW: Shiny Happy People

Denis Leary is crude, obnoxious, offensive -- but that doesn't bother me so much as when he's blasphemous. Yet his comments about celebrity pontificating could warrant attention, should you ever tire of hearing them spout off at concerts or on those award shows.

“And I also don't go for this other thing now, with MTV being so big where you get a band that gets a hit video, and all of the sudden they think that they're like icons and they can tell us how to feel about environmental issues and how to vote and stuff. You know what I'm talking about? Like R.E.M. ‘Shiny Happy People’ ‘Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey! Pull that bus over to the side of the pretentiousness turnpike, alright!? I want everybody off the bus. I want the shiny people over here, and the happy people over here, ok! I represent angry gun-toting meat-eating ... people, alright!’ Sit down and shut the [heck] up Michael! Don Henley's gonna tell me how to vote. I don't [really] think so, ok? I got two words for Don Henley, Joe ... Walsh, ok!? Thanks for calling, Don! How long's your pony tail now? Ok!”

See how he still gets the point across when I clean it up a little? And so it goes for this week's Friday Afternoon Moment of Whimsy.


Suibhne said...

Michael Stipe: the one man I think I'd enjoy punching in the face.

Matthew K said...

Love this video. But that's in part due to seeing Bill Berry in REM. Back in those days I was a HUGE fan.

It was the very reason that Leary cites that they lost me. Total unequivocal support for abortion, Bush hatred, and enviro-wackiness by Mr. Stipe tainted my enjoyment of their art.

I used to say that I'd still be an REM fan if they were an instrumental outfit.

They had some great hooks, Bucks guitar and Mills' harmonies were lovely.