Thursday, May 27, 2010

How does he DO that?

Probably with a lot of help from someone, but if we think about it, so do the rest of us. And unlike Nick Vujicic, a native of Melbourne, Australia, most of us have both arms and legs. (And here I am complaining that my left knee is bothering me lately.) With degrees in both accounting and financial planning, Nick spends much of the year as a motivational speaker. This clip shows the effect he has upon young audiences. For more information about Nick, and how he pulls it off, visit

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Battle Beads said...

I've watched some of his videos ... he's amazingly proactive and is very good medicine for anyone facing depression or physical ailments. His faith is strong .. I'd love for him to have the fullness of Faith .. he is someone that would truly treasure all 7 Sacraments.