Monday, May 17, 2010

Lisztomania: The Inner-City-Kids-With-A-Dream Remix

We've been on a major Talent Search lately, haven't we?

Paul sent me this one, from the PS22 Chorus of New York City Public School Number 22. They've got a blog. They've got a YouTube channel with over fifteen million hits. This number alone has over half a million so far. They've even been interviewed on national television. I can't wait to hear if they get a call from Phoenix.

I also can't wait to see them do the theme from "Ironman."

This is what art and music can do to motivate schoolchildren, as part of the whole educational experience. When you cut art and music, you suck the joy out of that experience. Do what you have to do to save the public school system, but the kids need art and music more than ... say, a teacher's union.

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