Sunday, May 09, 2010

Spring Cleaning

Ellyn of Oblique House has her own mind as to what the world could do without:

Christmas decorations, songs etc. before Thanksgiving. 90% of all cell phone usage. Prolonged political campaigns. "My Child is an Honor Student" bumper stickers. Watermelon flavored chewing gum. I could go on all day.

She is not alone. BeliefNet's Rod Dreher is making a list and is checking it once:

I would say that we could do without cable news. Well, not really, but we could certainly do without the tiresome format it now follows ...

The inspiration for such musing is eventually found in today's Washington Post, in the cover story of the Outlook section entitled "12 Things We Should Toss." Twelve notable figures each reflect on what they would remove from existence for the betterment of mankind.

One of them champions a cause that is dear to the heart of this writer. We shall lend particular focus to that issue tomorrow. Stay tuned ...

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Ellyn said...

I was almost kicking myself about my refusal to get a cell phone when my car died in the supermarket parking lot at 8:30 this morning. Based on my calculations of real phone need compared to all the useless blathering that goes on, I won't need a phone again for about 2 years!

Also of related interest is Friday FirstThoughts post about phrases we could do without.