Sunday, August 08, 2010

The Eye of the Storm at Ground Zero

If there's anything you learn by living and working in Washington long enough, it is that the story behind the story is usually the one that says the most. This unfortunately cannot be broken into easy soundbites, which explains the attempts by the powder-puff talking heads to avoid it. (You know, analytical thought, big words, stuff like that.) Reports of plans to build a mosque at "ground zero" in Manhattan, to commemorate the tragedy of 9-11, have not been received well.

Rebecca Teti of Faith&Family goes into that other story mentioned earlier:

What gave me pause ... was talking to a relative who’s on the Lower Manhattan Community Board that recently voted in favor of the center ... the true locals -- including local Catholic and Jewish groups in the neighborhood -- have respect and affection for Imam Feisal (leader of the project) because of his and his wife’s community service in the immediate aftermath of 9/11 ... [it] will not be a mosque but a cultural center explicitly modeled on the famed Jewish-run “92nd St Y” ... [a]nd there will be no minaret.

To be on the safe side (and, no, it's not just about Manhattan), there had better not be.

UPDATE1: On the other hand ...

UPDATE2: Greg Gutfeld ups the ante. You go, boy!

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