Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I shall tell you of a mystery ...

... which I discovered today. It was found during a ongoing purge of late, that of more than twenty years of legal papers, bank records, tax records, and assorted memorabilia. It appears to have been stapled to other pages, thus I would surmise that it is only part of the message. I do not remember how I came into possession of it.

To my mother I ask forgiveness. You don't understand the things I did and said, but I'm me, and I'm different. I leave you, the rest of the policy and the stamp collection. I want a military funeral and am entitled to one free of charge.

Life and love are not easy and we have to bend a lot. I hope you find the places and the people to make you all happy as I could not. God bless you and watch over you, as I shall, until we are joined in the hereafter, sweet Leon, my Heidi, dearest Kimmy and Jimmy, and my mother. Sonny ... here I'll spell the last name ...

Who is this voice, and what is to be done, I wonder?

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