Friday, August 27, 2010

FEBW: Smells Like Rockin’ Robin

Every now and then, when we really need it around here at Chez Alexandre, we like to end the workweek with a little something extra known as the Friday Evening Bonus Whimsy. In this case, my week started out bad and just got marginally better. Anyway, a "mashup" is the juxtposition of two seemingly unrelated musical selections. This little pick-me-up is from my Close Personal Friend “Weird Al” Yankovic. (Okay, okay, I follow him on Twitter. It's the same thing, right?) I'd love to know how someone managed to pull this one off.


Jeff Miller said...

Funny mashup.

As for Weird Al hadn't realized he was on Twitter, but should have known.

I first heard Wierd Al as a teenager when he first appeared on The Dr. Demento show and the good Dr. played his tape long before he became well known.

David L Alexander said...

You too?

It was "Another One Rides The Bus." I was in college when Dr D played that. I can't remember the station where it was syndicated. I think WOXR in Oxford, Ohio. That was the station for the really kewl kids back in the day.

Gail F said...

I went to see him AND Dr. Demento when I was in college (Miami U, in Oxford), and got their autographs! Weird Al's album then was "Weird Al Yankovich IN 3D!" It has the first and best Polka medly, as well as a bunch of great ones. The band was great live, I remember especially liking their send up of the "Safety Dance" as the theme song from the Brady Bunch (on that album). He is still hilarious.