Monday, August 09, 2010

Andrew Klavan Explains It All (Mad Men) For You

American Movie Channel's Mad Men, which began its fourth season earlier this summer, is arguably one of the great television works of all time. The morally indifferent lives of its characters definitely limit viewing to adults (not even adolescents without parental guidance, as they may not be able to distinguish the glamor from the consequences which follow), Andrew Klavan offers a critical eye, sifting the wheat from the chafe:

If it had nothing else going for it than the sets and costumes that recreate the world of a 1960’s ad agency, it would still be a joy to watch. But writer Matthew Weiner has a powerful gift for inventing complex characters full of yearning, sorrow and humanity expressed through subtle and witty dialogue as well as meaningful trysts and confrontations.

"Meaningful" in the sense that they provide a cautionary tale of how our society got to where it is today, as any depravity attributed to the "sex-drugs-and-rock-and-roll" phenomenon of the late 1960s, was already in place, dare we say with thanks to some of "the greatest generation."

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