Sunday, August 22, 2010

Laura Curtis Explains It All For You

It hasn't been easy in The Big Easy. Not lately, anyway. And with the impending anniversary of the disaster wrought by Hurricane Katrina, an occupant of the "Green Room" at examines the heartache of late, in the Bayou State.

If [the President's] past behavior is any guide, he’ll dance on George Bush’s political grave, take credit for things he did not accomplish, and fail to blame the group most responsible for the flooding damage: the Army Corps of Engineers.

Yours truly is loathe to put all the blame on the President's vacation schedule, although it certainly hasn't facilitated pubic confidence. One thing to remember (and we cannot expect Kanye West to have a grasp of the bare essentials of public civility, never mind the machinations of public policy), it is likely that funding towards such an urgent project has been diverted for many years, even predating the latter-day Bush administration. This sort of shenanigans is not unique to this situation. Funding for desperately needed projects is often sidetracked, in favor of "sexier" endeavors. The price is paid in the end, often at a much greater cost.

With your money.

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