Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Meaning of Life

It's been one of those days. In fact, one of those weeks. No, wait, one of those MONTHS! Enough to drive a man to wonder about ... well, you can see it here. My ex-new-age-girlfriend (it can happen!) sent me this, for no particular reason. Most of the advice is reasonable, although I'd rather pay tribute to the Creator than to His creation. Plus, I'm not ready to give up television, even though it's not on right now. Finally, I don't need to buy flowers; "Sal" has live orchids growing all over the house. (It must have happened while I was out of town.)

The illustrations and the captions are from the 2007 book "Be Happy: A Little Book to Help You Live a Happy Life" (2007) by Monica Sheehan. The music is "Cuore di Sabbia" (Sand Heart) by Pasquale Catalano, from the soundtrack of the 2010 movie "Mine Vaganti" (Loose Cannons) directed by Ferzan Ozpetek.

Thanks, Kirstie You're still a pal.

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