Thursday, August 19, 2010

Quin Transtulit Sustinet

One might never guess what has preoccupied me of late.

I was reading about Ira Levin's 1972 thriller The Stepford Wives, as well as the 1975 film of the same name, and the 2004 remake. I've been doing a great deal of light reading this summer, including correspondence from a variety of sources. I'm wondering if there isn't a bit of irony, in that the book and the movies all take place in a town situated in Connecticut. Is there something about "The Constitution State" that lends itself to an obsession over appearances? But more important than that, don't I have anything better to do?

UPDATE: I know what you may be asking: “Hey, Mister Black Hat Guy, what's this fuss all of a sudden about Connecticut?” Ah, my little minions, there is indeed a method to the madness. And tonight, the truth shall be revealed. Stay tuned ...

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