Monday, August 09, 2010

She’s Baaaaack!!!

You may remember Doina Buzut, anchorwoman for the English-language edition of Gloria.TV News. After a month-long vacation to her home and family, she is back at her desk, to continue to enlighten audiences with select highlights of Catholic news from around the world. Her latest edition is at the top of the blue sidebar to your right. If you miss that edition, click here.

The entire staff and management of mwbh joins me in welcoming her back. In fact, this is cause for a celebration. I couldn't find the 1967 sanitized for AM radio version by The Shadows of Knight, which is the one I remember, so we'll have to settle for the original 1966 version by a young Van Morrison, who is joined by his band known as "THEM." You remember THEM, don't you?

Party on, Doina!

1 comment:

Mary Bennett said...

No, I don't remember THEM. Who? LOL!