Thursday, April 06, 2006

Ah, the smell of testosterone in the morning!

Dom Bettinelli has made an important decision in his life, one that every responsible Catholic gentleman must confront in providing for his family:

"Soon, I will purchase a new grill, a family man’s grill, and upon it much meat will be cooked and feasted upon by my family. And it will be this grill, the Weber Performer Charcoal Grill."

At the basement studio where I lived until recently, I had access to a propane grill. While I'm not the purist that Dom aspires to be (and a tip of the Black Hat is in order), I do find that nothing indoors takes the place of an outdoor grill for cooking meat. After I bought the house, I found a Coleman propane stove for a good price. I needed something more portable. Dom's is a better choice, but I'm thinkin,' where would I put that thing?

The best burgers I ever had were at the old Rosselot homestead (my mom's side), where Grandpa had this huge brick chimney charcoal grill built in the corner of the back yard. With aunts and uncles and nearly four dozen cousins, a gigantic picnic table set out on the lawn, amidst the field of corn and soybeans, it is one of the happy memories of my childhood.

So I think it's only fitting that the St Blog's Parish Picnic be moved over to Dom's place this year.

Sal will make the cassava cake for dessert. I'll bring the potato salad.

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