Monday, April 03, 2006

Monday Morning Musings

• Honestly, now, could any of us have said it better?

Justice Scalia

• A while back, Nihil Obstat took me to task for misspelling Brittany Spears' name. In fact, I spelled it properly; it's "Britney" who spells it wrong. Like anyone who reads this is likely to fall all over the little twerp. Get a life, Nihil!

• Spring quarter started at the Art Institute today. The subject is "Interactive Motion Design," which is essentially an intermediate animation class. This time I learn advanced features of Macromedia Flash, get introduced to Adobe After Effects, and get to mix audio (a subject they had me skip, even though it's assumed you've taken it, so we're gonna wing it, me and the professor, oh boy) as well as video clips. Maybe Paul has some ideas...

• Easter is coming up, and elaborate preparations for the big basket will be underway this time next week. If I can find an online source of how to prepare a traditional Easter basket -- no, not those cheap things you buy at the Piggly-Wiggly; I'm talkin' the real deal here! -- we'll get back to you.

• Oh, and thanks for all the comments in the past week. Keep those cards and letters coming!

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