Tuesday, April 18, 2006

"I read the news today, oh boy..."

• We're just like everybody else. Really. That's the impression that over 200 gay and lesbian parents wanted to give when they brought about 100 children (who are going to be surprised when they find out where babies come from) to the annual White House Easter Egg roll. As part of an effort to show the mainstream that they were... well, mainstream, many of them were distinguished by wearing rainbow-colored leis. Of course, they could have proven a lot more by just showing up like everybody else. That's assuming they really are. Aren't they? (Washington Post)

• Special delivery, eh? Canada Post has a new service in which postage stamps can be customized with personal photographs. One guy sent in a picture of his wife, topless, except for a pair of maple leaves covering her... well, you know. (WP Express)

• Give us Barabbas! A small village in the Philippines, about an hour's drive north of Manila, recreates the crucifixion of Christ every Good Friday. At this year's event, a Scottish TV journalist caused a stir when he signed on to participate, yet backed out at the last minute. But, the show must go on, as "devotees went ahead with the ceremony and were nailed to crosses in front of hundreds of spectators." You have to wonder what hurts more; getting nailed to a cross, or knowing that you go to all that trouble without local Church approval. Not even a plenary indulgence! (The Scotsman) (UPDATE: If you really want to know what this looks like -- mind you, they're not kidding -- click here.)


Mr. Nixter said...

Nailed to a cross for what purpose? What am I missing here?

What does it mean if one is more outrageous, more demonstrative more physically abused than one's neighbor or fellow church-goer?

A bowed head, silent, heart-felt supplication & private anonymous alms giving might serve just as well.

Paul Nichols said...

To endure some physical pain for the One you love is the ultimate show of devotion.

For me personally, I'd like to receive communion kneeling on a floor sprinkled with nails.

David L Alexander said...

In the last year, I've become more sympathetic to the idea of kneeling at the altar rail for communion, even when using the reformed missal. I guess the thing that tipped the scales for me, was all the brewhaha over whether to bow, genuflect, kneel, do cartwheels, or whatever the "experts" are fixated on this year. Skip that nonsense, take out all the guesswork and call it a damn day.