Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Plug This! It's Better In Latin

This week, we start a new feature at MWBH called "Plug This!"

Recently, I've been getting requests from fellow-St Bloggers to trade links. Now, most of us at St B's have a "favorites" list, but I've eschewed that practice, in favor of a cleaner, more straightforward menu, including a link to the complete "Catholic Blogs Directory." But the Catholic blogosphere has developed beyond an appendage to promoting books and lecture tours (and you know who you are, dahlings!). Obviously the world is ready for this.

Sooooo... every week, I'll be spotlighting a new or different St Blog's member. This does not imply endorsement of everything that is said or linked at the featured site. And the first one is...

+ + +


For those of you who miss the "good old days," whatever days they were for you, as well as for those getting their fashion inventory ready for the coming onslaught of Old Latin Masses, the first stop needs to be "It's Better In Latin." After all, most of the English vocabulary originates in this not-so-dead-after-all language, and using it makes us sound more witty, more intelligent, and better read, than we may actually be in real life. Tell the world how far you'd drive to hear Mass the way God intended it to be, or of your longing for the days when defending your Faith involved the drawing of blood -- preferably someone else's. Say it all, and with style, on teeshirts, coffeemugs, bumper stickers, the works.

In tribute to the days when nuns were nuns and priests were men -- who you gonna call?

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