Friday, April 07, 2006

Critical Mass: The Calm Before...

Today the Holy Father continued the interdicasterial meeting begun in February, at which time he considered his plans for reorganization of the Curia, reconciliation with the Lefebvrites, and a broadening of permission for celebrating the classical Roman Rite. This meeting was the subject of an earlier post on April 1.

Shawn Tribe has provided updates at 10:08 am, 1:20 pm, 3:00 pm, and (wow, does this guy have a day job?) 3:06 pm today. The Vatican itself is keeping quiet; an announcement is expected as early as Holy Thursday -- probably. (This writer does not expect a free-for-all; a broader application of the 1988 Indult at most, where bishops are not merely encouraged, but expected to be responsive to the aspirations of the traditionalist faithful.)

Shawn also provides an analysis of how the iconoclasts are reacting.

Badly, from what I can gather.

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