Monday, April 17, 2006

A Monday Meandering

I went back home to Ohio, to the house where I grew up, during the early morning hours. I didn't want to wake anyone, but I was dog tired, and remembered the garage was unlocked. So I went in and found a cot between the cars to sack out on.

Shortly thereafter, I heard Mom going into the office cubicle in the corner by the side door. I looked up, to see her stuffing papers into a briefcase. She appeared to be preparing to leave town for some reason. So I popped up and asked what the story was. She said she had to go across into Kentucky, and just got an extension of her credit line "from my husband." That was strange, because she always called him "your father." I thought maybe she'd had enough of something, and was getting ready to bust out of town. I was just getting ready to try and reason with her...

Then I woke up.

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