Saturday, November 01, 2008

Obligatory “Allhallowmas” Video

Even amidst the glut of political news lately, I had the presence of mind to save this video clip earlier this year, for just the right occasion. When we as Catholic pray the Mass, we do so in union with the whole Church. This includes "the communion of saints," the belief in which we profess in the Creed. Today we see a light-hearted survey of just a few of them, on the day that pays tribute to all of them.

(Today is also a day when some twit priest will get up and tell everyone that this is their day too because "we are all saints." If we were, we'd be celebrating the Perfect Liturgy in Heaven, which would just have to be better than listening to his drivel on this earth. After all, to be a Catholic is to believe that, while on this earth, we most assuredly are NOT saints -- yet.)

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