Friday, November 21, 2008

“Where's the Love?” The Rest of the Story

There's one thing you learn in a town like Washington, and that is, if the story is big enough, you never quite hear all of it. Most of the time it really doesn't matter. Sometimes it does. A case in point of the latter is the photo-op for the world leaders at the recent G-20 Summit. For at least one whole news cycle, everybody thought Bush was being ignored, due to his (supposedly) having been a bully for the last eight years. One look at this clip, and you get that impression. The only problem is, that's not what happened! The political blogs are dumping on CNN's Rick Sanchez big time for this. But the truth is, sins of omissions such as these are common in the mainstream media these days.

At least he didn't try to give German Chancellor Merkel another back rub. EWWWW!

(We'll have a second clip up with the real deal, as it becomes available.)

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