Monday, November 10, 2008

Plug This: Zippy Catholic

(Part of a continuing series on lesser-known participants in the Catholic blogosphere.)

"This is to show the world that I can paint like Titian. Only technical details are missing." - Wolfgang Pauli, caption for a blank square

So reads the masthead of this week's subject for "Plug This." The subject matter is there to see, if not the originator. This is not about them, but what they have to say.

We never learn the identity of "Zippy." Maybe it's someone who wanted to honor his/her dog or cat. We may never know. But he/she won't be "lesser-known" for very long, since Exalted Grand Poobah of the Catholic Blogosphere Mark Shea has been quoting him/her with regularity of late. We here at mwbh have a special place in our hearts, for people who can snatch victory from the jaws of certain defeat and go "nyahh, nyahh..." without flinching. The recent election of Barack Obama to the American presidency, gave our subject the opportunity to play "gotcha" to all those ostensibly pro-life Catholics who couldn't resist the urge to plant their carcass on the Hope and Change bandwagon...

Now that he has become the President-elect y'all have the difficult job ahead of turning on a dime. As long as it was a matter of Obama vs. McCain you had the wind of proportionate reason in your sails; but now the seas are dead calm, and... there is no longer any justification for remote material cooperation in his wicked policies. Justified remote material cooperation with evil may have... made it possible to choose him over McCain; but now we have the absolute condition of a chosen President. If proportionate reason ever existed for remote material cooperation with his evil policies before the election, they no longer do now. Now your obligation is reversed... to oppose his evil policies with all your heart, mind, and strength; all the more so because of your choice to vote for him.

But not to worry. This is a burden we can all bear together...

Zippy writes with Thomistic clarity and simplicity, given the discernment of a sound premise, and the ability to get its point across. Even so, some people still didn't "get" the above, so Zippy had to explain it more plainly. This is the inevitable consequence of speaking to an audience, whose selfish desires interfere with being honest with themselves. It's sort of like being unable to work on your tax returns because you keep getting migraines whenever you start, only in this case, you wanted them to happen so you could avoid doing your tax returns. This isn't Zippy's problem, but Zippy doesn't mind. Speaking the truth with love is funny that way.

And so it goes with Zippy. Whoever he/she is, and whether it concerns matters of the faith, of politics, or the stuff of life in general, he/she is worth adding to your blogroll.

Just don't expect to find out who he/she is.


Dad29 said...

Well, all that is true...

However, "Zippy" declared that there had been serious 'runs on Banks' preceding the Bailout.

I challenged ol' Zip to point to more than one (there WAS one in California) and he proceeded to evade--AND demonstrate that his knowledge of Econ 101 is ....oh...about the level of Econ 00.

So be careful out there!

David L Alexander said...

Hey, I never said the guy was the Messiah. We elected one already. (Well, maybe you did; I sure as hell didn't.)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the plug. FWIW, there is just a wee bit more about Mysterious Me here.

I do prefer to let the strength of my arguments stand on their own merits though. (My take on the September 16 bank panic is here).

A few people (Mark Shea for one) do know my Christian name. Few people, even among those who know my Christian name, find that they agree with me all the time.

John Farrell said...

Few people, even among those who know my Christian name, find that they agree with me all the time.

What fun would that be, Zippy?


Der Tommissar said...

I don't trust bloggers who don't user their real names.