Saturday, November 01, 2008


Polls like Gallup and Zogby are the ones to watch, as they are not as biased as the ones conducted by major media outlets (as opposed to CNN or MSNBC because, well DUH!). So when the Big Z comes out with the following today...

Is McCain making a move? The three-day average holds steady, but McCain outpolled Obama today, 48% to 47%. He is beginning to cut into Obama's lead among independents, is now leading among blue collar voters, has strengthened his lead among investors and among men, and is walloping Obama among NASCAR voters. Joe the Plumber may get his license after all. Obama's lead among women declined, and it looks like it is occurring because McCain is solidifying the support of conservative women, which is something we saw last time McCain picked up in the polls. If McCain has a good day tomorrow, we will eliminate Obama's good day three days ago, and we could really see some tightening in this rolling average. But for now, hold on. hope McCain doesn't blow it by appearing on NBC's Saturday Night Live tonight. Let's just stay on message, Pops.

And don't forget to turn your clocks back one hour tonight. This is not a good time to show up late for anything.

[UPDATE SATURDAY NIGHT: Well, here we are, waiting until 2 in the morning to turn back the clocks -- they do say to wait until then, you know -- and John McCain did the opening routine on SNL with Tina Fey in the role of Sarah Palin. We'll try to have the clips up tomorrow as they become available. We've got some surprises for ya...]

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