Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sarah’s Interview

Last night, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin spoke out for the first time at any length on national television. Greta Van Susteren of Fox News Channel interviewed the former vice-presidential candidate, who insisted that she never asked for the $150K in clothing that was purchased for her use during the campaign by the RNC. No such criticism was ever leveled at the Obama campaign, which makes this just one more example of how extremely biased the news coverage was during the entire campaign. She also talks about the abortion issue, not only how unyielding she is on the subject, but on the need for people with differing points of view to work together to reduce the "need" for it.

They discuss a number of other issues during last night's interview. She takes on the matter of how the press got hold of rumors, sometimes spread by political bloggers, and reported them as news stories. We also learn something of the way of life in Alaska, what makes people there unique. This can give us some insight of what to look for in the character of our Nation's leadership. (There was a heated discussion recently on Bill O'Reilly's The Radio Factor, where O'Reilly was attempting to distinguish between gossip and a lie. There is some distinction, but I don't think those two could stop interrupting each other long enough to actually look it up.)

The Republican side was held to a much higher standard of conduct than was the Democratic side. It was bad enough to be embarrassing. (You remember we mentioned here that even Dan Rather was embarrassed, and that NEVER happens!) Now that even a major newspaper like The Washington Post has owned up to such bias, it's time for the mainstream media to undergo a serious transformation in its behavior, if it is ever to be taken seriously again. Obama supporters, if any of them have brains in their heads (???), should take time off from raising a Golden Calf for their Messiah, to be equally concerned. The sustained effect of such manipulation by the press, could eventually work against them.

Except for Fox News, of course. They're fair, they're balanced, they rock.

[THIS JUST IN: If you want to know why Palin thinks she and McCain lost the election, click here. This story also begs a challenge posed in today's Wall Street Journal: "McCain Owes Sarah Some Straight Talk." We'll see if she ever gets it, won't we? Stay tuned...]

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