Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sarah Revisited

Today we continue with Part Two of Fox News' Greta Van Susteren with Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, recently the Republican Vice-Presidential candidate. These clips show a more intimate view of the Governor and her family, most of it in the kitchen. In this first segment, she talks about her first meeting with running mate Senator John McCain. She also shares how the experience felt for her husband and children.

As a journalist, Greta Van Susteren is a true professional, unlike most of the talking-head wannabes that glut the mainstream media these days. She makes a genuine connection with the interviewee, while still getting to the heart of the story by asking good substantive questions. We get a genuine sense of what went on from an inside view. We also get to see her set of handmade pot holders. I haven't seen one of those in a long time myself.

"The Governor of Alaska is happy that the lower 48 is finally taking notice of Alaska." So begins the third segment of this series of clips. Much of this segment is about the North Star State, the perceptions from the outside, how the state and its inhabitants are often misunderstood. She talks about the role of Alaska, and what it has to offer the rest of the USA.

We learn a lot about how it is just living in Alaska, how people get around in such a vast state. We also see Greta learn from Sarah's husband Todd, "The First Dude," how to ride a snowmobile. From this second part of the interview, one also comes away with the tireless optimism of this woman, how she accepts the situation and moves on. This is a great credit to her, and demonstrates her potential as an excellent populist candidate for 2012 and beyond.

[THIS JUST IN: This had been touted in the press as Palin's first in-depth TV interview since the election. Well, not exactly. She also gave one to Alaska Daily News last Sunday, which can be found by clicking here.]

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Dad29 said...


Van Susteren is a Wisconsin native, and the snowmobile was invented in Wisconsin (Evinrude...)

She has to go to ALASKA to learn about them thar' machines?