Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Annapolis in the Rain

... didn't stop yours truly from heading down the road to the capital city of the state of Maryland (and temporary capital of the United States from November, 1783, to June, 1784), to meet the lovely couple known in the blogosphere as "Darwin" and "Mrs Darwin" the co-authors of the weblog Darwin Catholic. Driving all the way from Austin, Texas, to visit family, they brought along their three cute little daughters, and their adorable eighteen-month-old son, Jack.

Now it's great to meet others in the "Saint Blog's Parish" community when they come to town. It's also great to see their kids. I love kids. Yeah, that's me; kids, dogs and cats. But I digress ...

Annapolis is a great place to visit, and I wouldn't mind living there, right in town in one of those overpriced rowhouses. (Hey, I own one now in Arlington.) It's also the perfect place to take a family that's burned out from visiting the Nation's capital the day before, especially on a Monday, when you can probably find street parking in or near the historic district. The grownups had a lot to talk about over lunch at the world-famous Chick & Ruth's Deli. But my favorite part was after lunch, when they needed someone to hold on to Jack. He was little for his age, had blond hair and blue eyes, and was hard to keep still -- just like Paul was. When I picked him up and put him over my shoulder, he rested his head right away. So I carried him for awhile as we walked down to the docks.

Fortunately, I hate stealing a young dad's thunder, so I gave him back.

So, let's all wish a big Tip of the Black Hat to the "Darwin" family, for sharing their afternoon, and their little ones, with the Catholic blogosphere's premiere curmudgeon-in-the-making.

Y'all come back now, y'hear?

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Darwin said...

Thanks, David! We had a great time, and the girls are quickly becoming harmonica virtuosos. Except they call them "veronicas".

And the next day everyone demanded to know if we were going back to the deli to get more ice cream.