Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Massa Hysteria

You know, I haven't been following this whole thing with Eric Massa. Apparently he's charged with inappropriate contact with male staffers, which may be nothing more than locker-room style horseplay at an office party. Oh, snap!

Anyway, the Tea Party's own Mad Hatter, Glenn Beck, discussed it with syndicated columnist Michelle Malkin earlier this week. It gets turned up a notch when Beck refers to "you people." Malkin has too much class to call it racist, and the result is mildly amusing. Beck was supposed to interview Massa later that day, or today, or whenever. Anybody got anything on this? My research people took the day off. I'm in the weeds here, people!

Watch for the Freudian slip at 09:12. Cute.

(H/T to Hot Air's Ed Morrissey, with subsequent reaction from the peanut gallery.)

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