Monday, March 29, 2010

If You’re Not Catholic ...

Someone once asked the late Msgr Ronald Knox, the great nineteenth-century English priest and convert from Anglicanism, what he thought of married priests in the Church of England. He replied that it was really none of his business.

Closer to the present, Joe Bob Briggs may be way off base when he uses the Bible to justify sodomy -- hey, Joe, we've heard it all before, okay, buddy? -- but there are moments when he makes pretty good sense. This is one of those moments:

The last time I checked, the Vatican was not a county commissioner's board in South Dakota ... So why does the media cover it like it's a legislative body answerable to the public? I doubt that they'd do the same thing if the Pentecostals were huddling in Springfield, Missouri, to debate the rules on speaking in tongues.

Obviously, he's never been to Steubenville. But not to worry. You can read his “redneck haiku” on Twitter, and we'll be bringing more of Joe Bob's homespun wisdom real soon.

Really. Soon.

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