Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Plug This: Sub Tuum

Our “Plug This” series on the occasional Tuesday, is devoted to lesser-known figures in the Catholic blogosphere. You know, the ones which the mainstream Catholic print media misses while obsessing over the same two or three every chance they get.

You've probably noticed in recent months, that Anglican congregations the world over decided to break with Canterbury for the sake of union with Rome. And were that not amazing enough, the latter obliges them in the form of an Apostolic Constitution. Not too shabby.

We touched on this phenomenon in early September, with a piece entitled “My Anglican Moment” about an order of Episcopal nuns who were received into the Catholic Church. This is like that, only much more so. Several people have been following these developments, but one in particular has had experience from the inside.

Sub Tuum: http://subtuum.blogspot.com

Brother Stephen is a Cistercian monk from the Abbey of Our Lady of Spring Break Bank in Sparta, Wisconsin. They support themselves through the online sale of a wide assortment of gifts (http://www.monastictreasure.com/), as well as the reconditioning of laser printer toner cartridges and the baking of holiday cakes (http://www.lasermonks.com/). About that last thing, they don't appear to sell the usual fruitcakes (Deo gratias!), but they do have limoncello cakes. I keep a bottle of limoncello chilled at the ready. They might be getting a call around Easter. I'll probably ask them why they sell holiday cakes on the same website as toner cartridges.

Anyway, it would appear that our special guest today is a former Anglican, as he has quite a few insights on the subject which can be derived from some personal experience. As former Anglicans and Anglo-Catholics make their way across the Tiber, he is worth the occasional glance. And maybe more.

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