Monday, July 02, 2012


I was watching YouTube videos over lunch, mostly how to do things "the Don Draper way," when I was reminded about grackles. There are several varieties of this bird in North America, all arguably worse than crows. Back in the 1990s, Mom decided she had enough of them hanging in the tree of our back yard. So, she got my brother's air rifle, and did what Betty Draper of AMC's Mad Men is doing here.

(Ever try embedding a Mad Men video? Yeah, right.)


Ellyn said...

I rarely feel any affection for Betty. But that was one scene when I really liked her. Proactive Betty. Nothing passive/aggressive there!

David L Alexander said...

In the story as it has continued up to now, a second marriage has made Betty no happier. She is as miserable and pouty as before. She hates being a bird in a gilded cage, but when let out, will only fly to another one. (Is this a metaphor for that? Discuss.)