Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Kevin Eder: Scourge of the Twittersphere

Today, the President of the United States attempted to solve the Nation's problems with 140 characters or less. That's right, kids, the Chief Executive took questions on Twitter. Supposedly, if you bypass the press and go to the people directly, the people will get the message straight up, no chaser. As it happens, the whiz kid who handles social media for the White House forgot that it works both ways. According to Ed Morrissey of, nearly one-sixth of the questions fielded, including some of the most challenging, came from an unassuming young man in a monkey hat, with a huge and heretofore unexplained following in -- Thailand?

(You gotta read Ed's post; it is truly priceless.)

Asking "Who is Kevin Eder?" could be the next big question after "Who is John Galt?"

Kevin Eder
@keder Ridin' on a pig! (See link)
Taxpayers of the world unite! Conservative. Jewish. Married to @elevenisacharm. Provocateur. Tweets are my own opinion. @Ricochet contributor.

Well, we went to the YouTube link, and we found a clip worthy of the Friday Afternoon Moment of Whimsy, but frankly, we just don't see the connection. Maybe our brand new Very Close Personal Friend can explain it to us.

Dude, from one Hat Lover to another, the world awaits!

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