Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mikey Bustos: Filipino Receiving Compliments Tutorial

Okay, we're back. The caption for the latest Mikey Bustos Filipino Tutorial reads thus: “Everyone loves to receive compliments in life! The Filipino is a unique and complex being, however, in the manner in which we receive compliments, so unique in fact, that we had to create a tutorial exploring the multi-dimensional reactions to compliments given to a Filipino.”

With Asian cultures in general, Filipinos being no exception, there is great emphasis on saving face, or otherwise what is known as the “pakitang tao” which means putting on a good one. This combined with a sense of ethnic fellowship -- the “kababayan” or fellow-countryman -- might explain this video. But Sal and I couldn't quite figure it out. In fact, Sal had never heard one of the expressions in the middle of the clip, which escapes me at the moment. I thought it might be from any one of the 170 regional languages still spoken throughout the Philippines besides the universal Filipino (essentially a modern form of Tagalog, with English and Spanish vocabulary).

But what the hell do I know?

Gotta tell ya, though, Mikey is right on the money about Manuel Pacquiao. Sal never watched a boxing match in her life until the Pacman brought honor and glory to his country (not to mention his generosity to the poor in his home region). So, how about it, kabayans? Got any insights to add to this? We'd love to hear from you, ano?

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