Wednesday, July 06, 2011

THIS JUST IN: The Chicken AND the Egg Come FIrst!

While not entirely square with the facts of how the Church operates, this report from BBC Channel Four does not bode well for the moral resolve of some Catholic bishops, in accepting responsibility for what have become known simply as "The Scandals." To claim that priests are not employees of a diocese, whatever the legal interpretation, obfuscates the moral responsibility, which for those responsible for curae animarae should be sufficient.

It is also not true that the Church as a whole has done nothing, let alone the current pope. Before assuming the Throne of Peter, the former Josef Cardinal Ratzinger did everything in his power to change certain points of canon law, to expedite the resolution of clerical/personnel matters such as this. He was unsuccessful, but as Pope Benedict XVI, the Church has become more visibly concerned with correcting what he has called the "filth" in the priesthood.

This is the situation in England and Wales. Let us pray that it does not describe the situation everywhere else, including here in the States. Then again, fingerprinting Aunt Minnie like a common criminal or potential CIA agent, so she can teach catechism for another forty years, isn't exactly a solution based on the problem, don't you think?

Or don't you?

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