Friday, July 01, 2011

C G P Grey Explains the True Cost of the Royal Family

All this talk about the monarchy and stuff is just peachy keen with people known as "monarchists," specifically Catholic monarchists, those who believe that a restoration of a Catholic monarchy, and subsequent revival of the ideals of Christendom that were the glory of the High Middle Ages, would be just the thing to save the world from itself. Monarchy, after all, is modeled on the nature of Jesus Christ as King, and is thus the ideal form of governance.

That's the short explanation. You can Google for a long one if that won't suffice. You also might wonder how much it would cost, which brings us to our ambling Anglophile, C G P Grey, and his latest video.

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Gail F said...

I do not agree with the Catholic monarchists; however, I love the part in Hugh Benson's novel "The Lord of the World" (in which priests fight the anti-Christ in a world that is split between socialist humanist governments and governments headed by Eastern religious empires) that shows the forgotten royalty of the West coming together for a ceremony of some kind. Maybe it's a mass -- I don't remember. The idea is that even though the countries have overthrown their monarchies, the royalty still represent their countries somehow before God. It is a pretty cool seen and a neat idea (although, as I said, one I do not believe) and I'm stealing it for a novel some day. I like the idea of royalty; so sue me. I don't think England would be better off without theirs, they would be exactly the same mess they are now.