Thursday, July 14, 2011

Things With Strings: Autoharp II

After last week's introduction to the autoharp, we received an interesting observation from our correspondent "mamayama"...

Actually, when the autoharp was invented they intended it for table-top use; Mother Maybelle Carter popularized its use as a "cuddle-harp". One of the only instruments you can play and sing with the first time you pick it up: a nice, gradual learning curve!

This first video clip features an authentic original of country music herself, Mother Maybelle, as she appeared on The Johnny Cash Show (her son-in-law, by the way) on March 31, 1971.

And just in case you thought only women liked to "cuddle," here is our subject from last week, John Sebastian Jr, showing us a bit of that learning curve. This is a sample lesson from "Learn to Play Autoharp" (#DVD-SEB-AU21), available from a longtime favorite resource of yours truly, Homespun Music.

We also received more news from "mamayama" over the past week.

I saw a rock music video recently, where the female artist was walking, strumming autoharp and singing through the whole, can I remember the artist and the song? Of course not! ;-) Perhaps it will come to me ... I think she was from across the Atlantic ...

A bit closer to home, actually, at least from this end. Basia Bulat is a Canadian folksinger-songwriter from Ontario. She is featured here in her music video for "In The Night."

Next week, we move down the menu, with an instrument that has a long story. Till then ...

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